Not just a golf course, but an inspiration!

Scripture is posted throughout the course as well as on the Kathy Swift Meditation Trail laced through the course!

There are also  many beautiful settings around the golf course that would be perfect for special occasions!

For those of us that you might call Duffers, we have a Tuesday and Wednesday morning scramble.  We have a great time.  We tee off at 8:00 am in the warmer months. In the colder months, at 9:00am.  If you want to play, call first to check the time.  Everyone is welcome! Or, join the association and get emailed or a text.
There are several other groups which meet to play each week too.  Others are also welcome to play although be warned that the stakes are higher and these groups are usually composed of our best golfers {Wednesday and Thursday afternoon}.  
Everyone is welcome, families, individuals, and groups.  We want The Kingdom Course at Solid Rock to be your golf course!
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